Wutbürgertum and the Kollwitzmarkt

It’s not just the Occupy Wall Streeters who have taken a page out of the Tea Party’s book. In Germany, the “Wutbürger” is all the rage. Meaning “angry citizen,” the term (which was named the word of the year in 2010 by the German Language Society) has come to represent the various protest movements that have swept the country, most notably the massive demonstrations over the Stuttgart 21 train station expansion.  (Yes, in Germany people get really worked up about a new train station.)

But now Wutbürgertum has come to Berlin — to my own backyard, in fact. The Kollwitzmarkt, a semiweekly farmer’s market just a few blocks from my apartment, was one of the things that had me most excited about moving to Metzer Straße. Now, it seems, a petulant Frau Lehmann has seen to it that I won’t have that pleasure much longer. The market’s outside her window, and she doesn’t like the noise. First, she succeeded in getting the city to restrict the market’s hours and enforce certain spacial ordinances. And now she’s won the greatest victory: The Kollwitzmarkt will close by March of next year.

Congratulations, Frau Lehmann. No more noisy cucumbers on your block.

Update: It’s actually not clear to me whether the market will be closing altogether, or just on Saturdays. Regardless, I made the most of my time there today and picked up some delicious-looking mutton chops that I’m very much looking forward to cooking.


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