German transport minister takes to the piano to quell road rage

The American transportation secretary is, by executive branch standards, pretty cool. He says and tweets quirky things, and for a lifelong Republican, he’s an unusually strong advocate of biking and other eco-conscious modes of transport.

But it seems he’s got nothing on his German counterpart:

Germany’s transport minister is sharing one of his own stress-reducers — the slow movements of Mozart’s piano concertos — with drivers in hopes the soothing music will help reduce road rage on the nation’s autobahn freeways.

A new CD called “Adagio in the Automobile” features Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer playing part of Mozart’s Piano Concerto Nr. 21 accompanied by the orchestra of Berlin’s Deutsche Oper.

Ramsauer told the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Wednesday that studies have shown slow classical music has a calming effect on people. He says that “many accidents and dangerous traffic situations are due to aggressive drivers” and he hopes the music “will help counter that.”

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