Germany vs. America, per the UN

American exceptionalism reigns supreme! According to the UN’s new human development index, the United States is the fourth-best country to live in, behind just forgettable Norway, Australia, and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, lowly Germany is all the way down at number nine, sandwiched between forgettable Liechtenstein and Sweden. Of the world’s largest economies*, just my two homelands rank in the top ten, and America comes out triumphantly on top!

Except that the UN also issued a second ranking, this time taking inequality into account. By this (Marxist, class-warfare, un-American) reckoning, the U.S. drops all the way down to 23rd place, behind such paragons of prosperity as Slovakia and Italy. Germany, meanwhile, holds firm at number nine, while Norway and Australia continue to occupy the top two spots.

Given the different priorities of the two countries’ citizenries, and pretending that this German-American rivalry actually exists, the report ought to give each country something to cheer about.

*Excluding Canada, which is the tenth-largest economy, and quite forgettable in its own right.


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