Germany’s bookstores, doing really well

I’ve written before about how — and why — bookstores are thriving in Berlin, but this takes it to a whole other level. Dussmann, a big bookstore in the city’s Mitte district, not only has a new, two-story English-language bookshop in back; it also has a 3,500-year-old Egyptian sphinx. Visitors walking from the main store to the English annex pass through an atrium that’s home to the artifact from Hatshepsut’s reign, on loan from the state museum system until it eventually moves to a currently-under-construction wing of the Pergamon Museum in 2024.

Take a look:

Perhaps you’re wondering what that green backdrop is? That’d be a new installation, an 18-meter-high wall of various live plants and a kind of waterfall. Just to give you a sense of scale:

Yup, that speck in the bottom-left is a person. Remember, this is inside the bookstore. Take a second to imagine this in — well, choose your favorite bookstore. Strand? St. Marks? Kramerbooks? B&N? Regardless, it’s hard to imagine.


One Response to Germany’s bookstores, doing really well

  1. Noah says:

    I do enjoy a bookstore with a decent archaeology section, I just never thought that could be so literal. Thats fantastic.

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