German tabloid’s Page One Girl goes bust

For a journalist who fears the decline of the print newspaper, Germany is a beacon of hope. Subways and streetcars are full of newspaper readers, and though some downsizing has occurred at the country’s big papers, it’s nowhere near the level of American media layoffs.

But then you remember that the country’s largest-circulation paper, by far, is Bild. The daily tabloid is best known for its massive, sensational headlines and its topless Page One Girl.

This morning, it featured both, and even bigger than usual. But they marked something of a milestone, and one millions of Germans will surely mourn.

The headline: “Bild Eliminates Page One Girl.”

The photo: “the beautiful Eva from Poland,” the last Page One Girl ever.

It was such big news that I had to write about it twice. Take a look at my writeups in Spiegel and the LA Times. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, here’s the front page of today’s Bild. (Parental discretion advised! Not safe for work! For informational purposes only! Any other disclaimer you can think of!)


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