The Awful Denglisch Language

I’m not the first to note that modern German is so peppered with English words and phrases as to barely qualify as proper German anymore. (Deutsch + Englisch = Denglisch, for anyone who didn’t catch that.) But a panel I attended yesterday on the future of Europe (the topic of most panels in Germany these days) really took it to another level.

In his approximately two-minute (German) opening remarks, a Green Party member used the following words:

“Framing”, “framen” (främen?), “geframt” (gefrämt?) — i.e., framing, to frame, framed, with regard to an issue, not a painting.
“On top”
“Conference call”

If the German language is at risk, it’s not because we foreigners are no longer learning to speak it; it’s because the Germans are no longer speaking it themselves.


One Response to The Awful Denglisch Language

  1. true!! Germans don’t care about German.

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