Berlin, in cartoon form

My time in Berlin, dear reader, is slowly drawing to a close. And so it’s time now for some retrospection. Much of this blog has focused on cultural differences between Germany and the United States: the things we Americans admire here, the things we miss, and the things that just perplex us.

In that latter category, much as I’ve tried, I’m afraid I simply haven’t done an adequate job through words. And so only one option remains.

Ladies and gentlemen, a cartoon tour of American bafflement in Germany!

(Disclaimer: I have absolutely no artistic talent, and so you probably won’t understand any of these unless you already know what I’m getting at. In which case they’re completely devoid of purpose. But nonetheless, here goes…)

(Oh wait, disclaimer #2: The only way I could think to depict an American was with a baseball cap. But since drawing a forward-facing baseball cap is beyond my abilities, if our American friend is looking back at you, then he’s wearing his hat sideways. This does not imply any untoward bro-ishness on his part. Take my word: He’s a good fellow in a strange land. OK, now here goes for real…) Read more of this post

Recycling in Germany

I’ve been remiss in going so long without doing a post on this, so here’s a quick one. When I go down to the back courtyard of my apartment building with items to dispose of, this is a fraction of what I see:

These are, from right to left, for white glass, colored glass, colored glass again, packaging, and unknown. In addition, there are bins for green glass (Is green not a color? I’ll get back to you on that.), paper, and trash. And then there’s the “Orange Box,” which I haven’t yet tried to understand.

But wait — it gets better. Let’s zoom in on one of these bad boys: Read more of this post

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